October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014 // My Costume

Guys, Guys, GUYS! Halloween is finally here, well in a day! I am unusually more excited than normal.. I don't know why. Hmm. Probably because I am going to go trick-or-treat with one of my friend's with her brother, woohoo! I am bringing a pillow case to maximize the amount of candy I get. But any who, I want to get right to the thing I want to talk about-- MY COSTUME! I am being Twitter (yes, like the app) and I got the idea from a video I saw in my YouTube subscription box. Take a look:
I was really drawn to this costume because it was hip, humorous (at least in my eyes), and super comfortable and cheap! SCORE! I had this feeling inside of my that I actually wanted to make this costume happen, for real! I really liked how it turned out, too. II kept posting pictures on my Twitter account which is kinda funny in my eyes. Here is how it looks:
I liked how it turned out but the one thing that I dont like about what I did with this costume while I was making it was that the "straps" or the sleeves are too big. It is also too close to the inner part of my chest which is kinda weird but it looks fine. I just wanted it to be closer the the example in the video.. And because the sleeves were too big, the back looked really weird so I took a piece of ribbon and scrunched up the back and tied it really tight to make this cool backing. If my explanation did not make sense (I dont blame you) then here is a visual:

I can't wait to rock this outfit in school and out! I just have one worry- some people at my school might not get my costume and I have to explain it over and over and over again! When I went to the store to get the shirt and felt, I looked for a warm yellow large t-shirt but they only had it in youth so I didn't get it because I wanted to be snapchat so the people at my school actually knew what I was. I hope they know what the twitter logo is! haha. I CANT WAIT FOR HALLOWEEN! YIPEEE, lol

Comments are turned off as I get back into the grove of blogging. :)

October 29, 2014

Reporting Live from my Laptop!

Hey everyone, so I mentioned in my last post that my desktop was getting taken away and that I had two laptops that the wifi didn't work. Well, let's have a little story time, yesterday my cousin came and I was chilling by the computer. I came into the room and asked him if he was going to take the computer. He said no and I was thrilled! I get to keep my computer, WOOHOO! I had this weight lifted off my shoulder because that desktop had all of my photos and etc on it! I was able to go to sleep without worrying. So I wake up and I go to my computer and I see it there. I went on it and checked Twitter and left for school.

I arrive home and I see the computer like the actual computer missing! The monitor was there though. I was befuddled! I immediately asked my mom where it was. She said that my cousin took it. I thought she was lying. He told me that he wasn't going to take it. I didn't believe what my mom said because she has bent the truth several other times. I shed a tear, I can't lie. Then I grabbed my mom's keys and searched her car and my dad's car to see if the computer was there.

It wasn't.

Was I surprised? No. I didn't know who to believe, my mom or my cousin. I still think my mom is lying. But I only went like an hour without a computer. I was googling ways to fix the internet and to my surprise, it was really easy! I just had do turn a switch and wait. Wow. It was so easy, but I had a enormous amount of doubt that it was actually going to work. So I now have a computer! I just need to fix my other laptop and I'll be good to go! And one of the pro's of fixing my laptop is that I can stay in the comfort of my only room instead of going down stairs to go on the computer, life is easier I guess this way. But as I mentioned before,that desktop has all of my photos and I wasn't able to save them so I have t start anew. :(

I still miss my computer. Well it wasn't really mine, this laptop is technically mine now. Let's hope I don't have it taken away. Comments are turned off because I just dont have time to respond right now. And I hope my posts go back to normal and not update posts. 

October 26, 2014

Updates: Meryl & Maks, School and TV!

Hey everyone...

I realized that I haven't posted in a week, some how this always happens regularly.. I'm a bad blogger :O But I have been just lacking inspiration and have been just so busy obsessing with certain things and focusing on school. I guess? Anyway, I have found absolutely NO inspiration on what to post about and I feel like that is what if the force behind why I have been absent. I don't think any of you noticed, though. :)

I have been very active on Twitter though! And you know in my last post how I have been obsessing over Dancing With The Stars? I still am, but right now, I am on a Maks and Meryl high! I am soo obsessed with them! They are great dancers and I have been loving their chemistry! I totally ship them! Ughhhh. Look at their rehearsal and dances:
And let's talk about school. I have been taking soo many tests lately! On Friday, I had to take like 3 tests and 1 quiz! I got through 3/4. The Spanish test that I had to take (which includes a verbal test where you have to have a one-on-one conversation with the teacher! I already took one for the first unit and we are on the second unit. I am awfully nervous.). The class didn't take the test because our teacher wasn't there that day and we didn't even know he wasn't going to be there! We thought we were going to take the test. Anyway, in world cultures, we took a 33 question test and I got a 30/33. a 90%. The teacher said if the class got a 85% of higher, we would get a class party.

One more thing about school, in gym, we had to take a 10 question quiz and I feel like I got a 100%. or a 95% at the least. I feel really good about it, even though I read over the study quide only like once the night before the quiz. Okay enough about school!

Let's talk TV... I have been loving Jane the Virgin. It's a new show and I don't want to get too in depth of when she s basically about a girl name Jane and when she was like 13, her grandma told her that she should be a virgin until marriage. She keeps the "advice" and one day she goes to the doctor to get a pap smear (a check up to see if you have cervical cancer) and the doctor actually injects her with someone else's sperm! And the doctor, Jane and the father all have some sort of connection. It may seem confusing with it is a really great show (may be inappropriate for some people may age but I am use to it LOL)

One last thing, I have been getting very antsy because my mom told me that my cousin is coming by to get his stuff (he use to live with us) and when he left, he left his desktop which I use to blog and stuff. And he is supposedly taking that with him. I am I guess scared (?) if he does because I use the computer a lot and I blog on it. I do have 2 other lap tops but the internet on those other 2 doesn't seem to work while the desktop has perfect internet. I don't know why this is happening and we never got it fixed. And if he is to take it, I hope we can get it fixed. But my parents, I don't know if they will fix it because they think I spend too much time on the computer and they might not fix it for me as a way of making me cut back on computer time, haha. But I am actually worried because I do all of my blogging on here so if he does take it, I dont know how I am suppose to be updated on my social media and blogging... :/ I know this is something most kids or people don't have to go through haha.

Okay, thats all from me today. Signing off.

October 19, 2014

Current Loves: Dancing With The Stars

dancing with the stars
Hey guys!

I feel like it's been a while since I blogged. And its been a hot minute since I did a Current Loves post. And I have been loving quite a few things. But I want to focus today's post more on Dancing with the Stars and Team Motough {Mota + Hough = Motough}which is Bethany Mota and Derek Hough's team name. This is actually the only season I am watching of Dancing with the Stars and I am watching it because of Bethany! I have been watching her Youtube videos since 2011 and it is super cool that she is getting so popular. Popular enough that she landed a spot on DWTS!

Anyway, I started becoming really obsessed with Dancing with the Stars about a week ago after Bethany danced her Hip Hop routine. I just don't know why but that dance really gravitated towards me. I knew the song and one part of the dance was really cool! Bethany kissed her switch up partner, Mark Ballas! :O And her usual partner was really jealous.. Haha. And if you haven't seen the dance yet, look here and it also has the part where Derek gets jealous :P
I was replaying the video like 50 times! And there scores were 32/40... Totally underscored in my opinion! They deserved like 9, 9, 8, 8. And this week, Bethany and Derek are dancing the tango! You can see it tomorrow on ABC at 8/7c! And they are rumored to be dancing to Chromeo's Jealous (I Ain't With It). I can see them dancing to this song but it seems too upbeat for a tango, I don't know...

Now let's talk about the other contestants, I personally think Sadie Robertson is big competition and that she could possibly win. It's either Sadie, Janel Parrish, Alfonso R... And Bethany? I just don't know... She may finish 3rd-4th place but it seems unlikely that she will win the entire thing.. :-/ But it would be awesome if she does! It's just that she dances a bit weird and it doesn't seem natural for her.. Well she isn't a actual dancer so, haha. And I feel like Derek (her partner) knows that he won't win this year. And he has the most wins in the history of DWTS!

Moving on, while I was "researching" Derek, it turned out that he blogs for TV Guide. He basically recaps his experience for that week. And I can't wait for his recap for the Hip Hop dance that Bethany did... I want to know his thoughts on their kiss. Muahahah. Bethany and Mark planned to make Derek jealous so I guess this was part of their plan?

Here is an excerpt of a blog post Derek did on Bethany's rumba where she addresses her past bully experience:

"Bethany's intro package was incredibly powerful. I've never seen her like that. She doesn't really get upset. She's always laughing and goofing off. I was watching the package for the first time and I'm seeing her cry and get emotional, so I walked over and gave her a hug. I told her, "At the end, I want you to look up at the message and I want you to believe it and think about how far you've come." She did that and she turned around and started crying during the show. It really got to me."

I was FUH-REAKING out. I was basically screaming. I have never seen Bethany cry before so this is a first and what Derek did to comfort her? I ship them so hard, even though they have like a 11 year age difference. #AgeIsJustANumber I SHIP THEM SO HARD!! UGH! And if you don't know what ship means, it basically means when you think two people should date or look cute together.

On a different note, I have been so obsessed with Dancing with the Stars and dancing, I even put on high heels and walk around in them when I'm at my house. The ones I found in the closet are what I consider dancing shoes. Probably not though, haha. And every time I wear them, I just try to bust out a ballroom dance move. I am crazy. 

In the mean time, I'll be stalking Derek and Bethany trying to get updates on what their doing. I can't wait for them to dance! And hopefully Bethany's dress for the tango won't make her look 4 months pregnant like the one she had on when she was doing the foxtrot. [click here to see what I am talking about.] and sorry for the extremely loooong post. :P