April 23, 2014

Spring Target Wishlist 2014

Hello wonderful people of the interwebs!

Today, I am going to sharing with you all my Target Wishlist for spring! It doesn't mean I have a wishlist for every season, it just that I am going to target very soon and I want to collect somethings that I might buy! Now you are probably wondering why "I am going to target very soon" sounds very weird. You see, people just stop by Target, no big deal. But for me, Target is like 30 minutes. Its like a few cities away or so. So I often opt for Walmart. And they don't really have a wild range of cute cheap styles of clothing. Plus, my mom thinks they are very cheap and will give you rashes. What goes up in her brain? 

I really want to go to target because they have really cute shirts and shorts. and my wardrobe is at the blandest it could be. I haven't been "real" shopping in YEARS. Yup, YEARS. 365 days! So with my first year of middle school almost over and 2nd year coming up, I need to update my wardrobe STAT! I want like really cute shorts that are denim and cute patterned shirts. But I want it to have a sporty feel because I don't want to be looked at as a wanna be fashionista because that is embarrassing. You either got it, or ya don't.  just looked at the styles they had and I picked out a few wishlist items that are short and they cute!

$9.00 online price
Cherokee® Girls' Shorts - Assorted Denim

$14.99 online price
Cherokee® Girls' Jean Shorts - Denim

Cherokee® Girls' Denim Shorts - Assorted

$14.99 online price
Cherokee® Girls' Jean Shorts - Light Denime

You probably can tell a generally theme that I like denim shorts. ha ha ha But their shirts weren't that out of the par. They were more 8 year old shirts and not for middle school. But if you look at the active wear shirts, thats where it's at! But on the online store, they don't have many that I like. :( But here is one:

$12.99 online price
C9 by Champion® Girls' Long-Sleeve Cropped Dance Top

And when I go to target, I probably will buy some beauty products and unleash my inner beauty blogger. ha ha ha! I probably will have a budget with 100 dollars because I have been saving up! :D


April 22, 2014

32 Things That Make Me Happy

So... I'm going to be this link up I saw in my dash a few weeks ago called "32 things that make me happy" by Two Thirds Hazel and it's just a testing-the-waters for the 100 Happy Days "link up". It's just basically where you take a pic of  something that makes you happy and you have to do this for 100 days! It's suppose to make you happier and I saw a lot of bloggers do this and I thought I would hope on the bandwagon! With out further ago, let's get this started!!!! 

1. Udon noodles: Words just cannot even describe my love for this. It is just the, the taste, OOOH! Okay, I'll stop now. But I usually get them in a pack of 6 and it is very cheap!

image was found on google
2. Blogging: It is just a great outlet for me, even though I am not physically saying this to another human being who knows about my thoughts but it is very calming and it's just really fun. 

Image is found on google
2. Daily vloggers: My favorites are ItsJudysLife and SacconeJolys. As weird as it sounds, I find it so cool to look at what they did the day before because we usually think as people of the internet as different and this just proves to show that they do stuff we do too! :)

3.  Häagen-Dazs coffee ice cream: If you follow my twitter, you know I LOVE my coffee ice cream, I tweet about it so much! Like Baskin Robins can't even compare, it HAS TO be by Häagen-Dazs!

4. Pinterest: I just love to go on Pinterest for the past time, or to look for something creative and fun to do! And they just have the cutest photos, it like a grown up version of Tumblr, in my opinion! 

5. Sunggling in bed right after you get out of the shower: This feeling is just the BEST! Your skin feels so smooth and silky, your just all snuggled up, ahhhhh..

6. Nail Polish: This makes the tips of your fingers bright or dark or what ever color you choose! Pretty awesome! 

Photo by MilkTeef
7. Dressing Up: Something just makes me super duper happy by dressing up, its just that your wearing this bomb ass dress and your self esteem goes up.

8. The Voice: I just love the fact that REAL people are auditioning and going after their dreams killin' it! Plus- you get great music (most of the time)

9. Selfies: Okay, as vain and narcissistic as it sounds, I love taking pictures of myself! Your facial features change a lot so it is a documentation of how it looked at that moment in time! Lol ~excuses~

10. Divergent: If you have been reading my blog for a while, you KNOW I love divergent. It is just the BEST BOOK EVER. That might be an over statement but I am 99.7 % sure what I just said is correct. the other 00.3% is still unsure because I haven't read a lot of books...

11. Winning: My competitive side is just jumping out of me. I LOVE TO WIN. Like there is this competition in my World Cultures class where we have this map game to help us study and you have to name all of places of the place we are learning about. In my case, China. So if you have the quickest time in your class, you get a prize! I currently have the highest time at 42.2 seconds. This girl Anna K. is really good but I beat her! Hopefully it will stay that way and I will win in my class. YES.

12. Music: This pretty self explanatory but it is just so claming and relazing listening to music. One of my favorite classical pieces is the Vivaldi's Four Season in WINTER. :)

13. Learning: Yes, yes.. As nerdy as it is of me, I do really enjoy learning about things. Like how stuff works, history, etc! But I hate not getting math! So irritating!

14. Tumblr: I love tumblr-ing. This place is just so funny, artsy, inspirational, etc. ITS THE PERFECT THING IF YOU LOVE COMEDY, FANDOMS, AND OTHER STUFF!

15. Playing the cello: I play the cello, if you didn't know that. Its just this instrument has such a low soothing sound and you can make high notes, low notes. I really love learning new things on this instrument and how I can improve!

16. Shorts: I freaking LOVE shorts. My favorites are the sport shorts that you can just lounge around in, forget pajama pants (okay, I actually really like those) SHORTS are pajamas!

17. Flannels: If you don't flannels, I don't even know where to begin. There are just so stylish and comfy! YOU COULD NOT ASK FOR MORE.

18. Pandora: It just gets me. I know this is relating to music but this app is the bomb diggity. But sometimes it picks songs I ate. No nO no.

19. Target: Even though I don't have on near me, I still love the store. Its a better walmart. It have great clothes, make up, food, could you even ask for more? Hmmm. Thought not.

20. Sour Patch Kids WATERMELON: These things are my crack. They are just so perfect and addicting. But if I eat too much, my tongue feels like this really weird texture. But, I only like the watermelon kid. Its just the BEST!

21. High School Musical: This dang movie is the epitome of my childhood. Sweet sweet memories. <3

22. Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili chips: Thee are just, hm hm GOOD. I can eat an entire bag in one day. I think proves how much I love them.

23. DIY: Is it just me or I love to make things. I just love the process, I sometimes don't even care about the end product, I just love making them. haha

24. Bloggers Blogging about Blogging: That was quite a tongue twister. haha But something just makes me happy when I read something a blogger has blogged about a topic of blogging because I can relate!

25. Sleeping in cozy blankets: Who doesn't?

26. Giant soft sweatshirts: Literally this is the perfect lazy day outfit, some jeggings with a cute oversized sweatshirt and hair in a bun with boots,, perfect!


28. Young Adult Novels: Yes yes and yes. I mean, do I really need to explain myself? Yup, not.

29. Compliments: Serious if compliments don't make you happy, I don't know how compliments can not make you happy! THEY SUPPOSE TO MAKE YOU DARN HAPPY.

30. Internet: This is where 56% of my life happens, blogging, youtube videos, entertainment, gossip, news, etc. Its pretty important and makes me a smooth running ship!

31. Vine: Its super fun and it makes you laugh. Can't ask for anything better, non?

32. People Who play with my hair: its seriously like a marriage proposal. haha jk.

So if you want to link up with Erin at Two Thirds Hazel, just click here!


April 21, 2014

Current Loves: 4/21/2014

Hey! Remember when I use to do this series!? Well, I'm doing them again! But this time, a smidge bit different, but only, this time. Instead of making a post on one specific item, I decided to do one on ALL the things I have been loving lately! And I have been loving a lot of things lately like, food (ahhhh, definitely the food!), MUSIC, etc. But today, we are going to be talking mostly on the food. :) 

So lets started on making this list! Yippeeee! Actually,by the time you are reading this, the list has already been made so you will only be doing the reading. Oka,y enough rambling, LETS GET STARTED!

*the follow images are from google, not me*

1. Tumblr - ER MER GERD. You guys know I love tumblr. I have dedicated an entire post on the fact that I love tumblr. It is just soooo weird.... But funny. They have some sickos on this website. But they have super creative minds, they have funny STUFF. Trust me, just check out my tumblr blog. :) (only on the first item on the list and I' already rolling out the shameless plugs.) 

2. Fried chicken wings- Dipped with hot sauce and ketchup, Hmmm. HMMMM HM. Just pure deliciousness (and fat, ha.) 

3. AriZona green tea- This is an all around favorite of mine but I'm currently on spring break and I HAVE DRANK 8 23 FL. OZ. CANS OF THESE THINGS. That is an addiction, my dear. 

4. Pandora- I have been jamming to this app. My favorite thing. But when I click to my Today's Hits radio station, thats when the party starts. But I really hate it when they replay songs that I have already disliked. 

5. Pregnant YouTubers- Okaaaaay, as stalker-ish as that sounds, SO  many YouTubers are getting pregnant or becoming mothers! For example: ItsJudysLife, SacconeJolys, AprilJustinTV, EmilyNoel83 and BubzBeauty. Thats quite a list! And guess what? Since they are all vloggers, I CAN FOLLOW ALONG IN THEIR PREGNANCY! :D I sound really weird right now. Apologies. 

6. Black nails- I'm not goth, I swear. Its just that I have been rocking the black polish lately because I have been seeing so many pictures of it. And I thought I would try it out. And when ever I don't know what color to paint my nails, I'l paint 'em black! Even though it's spring.... 

7. Dry Shampoo- My hair has been getting oily lately, so PRAISE the lord for this glorious creation. <3 

I'll be back with this Current Loves series. It'll be the only continuous and successful series that I have been capable of doing and not forget or be too lazy too. toodle-doo!


April 20, 2014

Why so serious?

Sup, bloggy land. 

I am currently eating mac and cheese from a mug right now. Why? Because i'm classy like that. And guess what. I made it from a microwavable bowl that they come in packs of 4. So the mug situation was really useless. Anywhooo..

So a couple weeks ago, I saw this 25 year old mom washing her car with her son that looks like he is 4 years old or something like that and when he is clearly trying to help his dear mom, his mom is yelling at him! And I am a witness. I had my window open because, thank the lord, the weather was so warm! And I was just wanting to go out side and lecture that mom about effective parenting because that is NOT the way to go! And when the little boy tries to redeem himself, she is just rampaging and snatching him by the wrists and he is just about to cry and "saying", "Noo! Nooo! ~whimpers~" And then took the little boy inside. I could still hear her yelling when she was inside the house. I was yelling "SHUT UP" through my window. Yup. Not joke. Literally did that as they walked through their door. And, my parents are friends with them. The mom is my neighbor's brother's wife who lives with them. 

After that episode of life, I just casually watched some YouTube videos, ate some food. And also, I ate like 5 jolly ranchers, 35 pieces of Raisinets, a couple hand fulls of Xtra cheddar goldfish and one can of Arizona green tea. Living the fat life, proud and no regrets. In fact, I am eating some raisinets right now! ~bites, crunch, crunch~  Its sad how much food I will eat if I am not stopped.

Yup, yup, and up. Never giving up my food.

Annndd also, as I reply to my comments on my posts and compare them to others (buuut, I am still very grateful for every single note you leave me to read on my posts!), I see that mine are very serious. And compared to the other bloggers, their readers are more loose and jokeful with their comments. And I think to myself, why so serious? Is it because my persona isn't clear in my blog?! And I do the thing I usually do, overthink, and blame it on me. But blogging is something I do fo' myself and I am just going to be sharing what I think because well, bloggers are hoses. 

But seriously, am I serious in my posts? I want to be looked at as fun, energetic, sarcastic and humorous. Not some little kiddie 12 year old who doesn't know shiz about what she is doing on the internet and acts like a damn 27 year old business woman. Don't even ask me how I came up with that because I don't even know. But no, I know what I am doing. So I deserve to give a good whack on the back of the head to whoever thinks that. Which is probably no one and it is just me overthinking.. again.