October 19, 2014

Current Loves: Dancing With The Stars

dancing with the stars
Hey guys!

I feel like it's been a while since I blogged. And its been a hot minute since I did a Current Loves post. And I have been loving quite a few things. But I want to focus today's post more on Dancing with the Stars and Team Motough {Mota + Hough = Motough}which is Bethany Mota and Derek Hough's team name. This is actually the only season I am watching of Dancing with the Stars and I am watching it because of Bethany! I have been watching her Youtube videos since 2011 and it is super cool that she is getting so popular. Popular enough that she landed a spot on DWTS!

Anyway, I started becoming really obsessed with Dancing with the Stars about a week ago after Bethany danced her Hip Hop routine. I just don't know why but that dance really gravitated towards me. I knew the song and one part of the dance was really cool! Bethany kissed her switch up partner, Mark Ballas! :O And her usual partner was really jealous.. Haha. And if you haven't seen the dance yet, look here and it also has the part where Derek gets jealous :P
I was replaying the video like 50 times! And there scores were 32/40... Totally underscored in my opinion! They deserved like 9, 9, 8, 8. And this week, Bethany and Derek are dancing the tango! You can see it tomorrow on ABC at 8/7c! And they are rumored to be dancing to Chromeo's Jealous (I Ain't With It). I can see them dancing to this song but it seems too upbeat for a tango, I don't know...

Now let's talk about the other contestants, I personally think Sadie Robertson is big competition and that she could possibly win. It's either Sadie, Janel Parrish, Alfonso R... And Bethany? I just don't know... She may finish 3rd-4th place but it seems unlikely that she will win the entire thing.. :-/ But it would be awesome if she does! It's just that she dances a bit weird and it doesn't seem natural for her.. Well she isn't a actual dancer so, haha. And I feel like Derek (her partner) knows that he won't win this year. And he has the most wins in the history of DWTS!

Moving on, while I was "researching" Derek, it turned out that he blogs for TV Guide. He basically recaps his experience for that week. And I can't wait for his recap for the Hip Hop dance that Bethany did... I want to know his thoughts on their kiss. Muahahah. Bethany and Mark planned to make Derek jealous so I guess this was part of their plan?

Here is an excerpt of a blog post Derek did on Bethany's rumba where she addresses her past bully experience:

"Bethany's intro package was incredibly powerful. I've never seen her like that. She doesn't really get upset. She's always laughing and goofing off. I was watching the package for the first time and I'm seeing her cry and get emotional, so I walked over and gave her a hug. I told her, "At the end, I want you to look up at the message and I want you to believe it and think about how far you've come." She did that and she turned around and started crying during the show. It really got to me."

I was FUH-REAKING out. I was basically screaming. I have never seen Bethany cry before so this is a first and what Derek did to comfort her? I ship them so hard, even though they have like a 11 year age difference. #AgeIsJustANumber I SHIP THEM SO HARD!! UGH! And if you don't know what ship means, it basically means when you think two people should date or look cute together.

On a different note, I have been so obsessed with Dancing with the Stars and dancing, I even put on high heels and walk around in them when I'm at my house. The ones I found in the closet are what I consider dancing shoes. Probably not though, haha. And every time I wear them, I just try to bust out a ballroom dance move. I am crazy. 

In the mean time, I'll be stalking Derek and Bethany trying to get updates on what their doing. I can't wait for them to dance! And hopefully Bethany's dress for the tango won't make her look 4 months pregnant like the one she had on when she was doing the foxtrot. [click here to see what I am talking about.] and sorry for the extremely loooong post. :P

October 15, 2014

On a Quest For Gifs

Heyo, everyone! So I was recently tagged by June at A Curious Pisces (thanks, June!). The tag was originally created by Lily at Squishingly. The concept is very fun, its where you get a list from the person who tagged you and on the list is a bunch of scenarios you have to find a gif of your reaction to that scenario. Did that make sense? Oh well!

+ Include Lily's tag image (above)
+ Tag 2 or more people when you're finished
+ Try not to use GIFs that other people have already used. If you do, it's still okay!
+ Come up with your OWN, UNIQUE 10 scenarios

Here are my scenarios I have to find gifs for:
1. You win a giveaway.
2. Your best friend moves away
3. You get an A on a quiz
4. Someone takes your piece of your Halloween candy 
5. Someone scares you
6. You make the winning shot for the other team
7. Your mom or dad makes your favorite dinner
8. You make your bed and someone jumps on it
9.  You touched a hot pan on a stove  
10. You jump into a pile of leaves
I tag: JoJoCocoa22 // Life Full of Radiance // Life As A Young Lady

1. Your parents just went grocery shopping and got lots of snacks.
2. When you realize you forgot to do last night's homework.
3. You got a new blog follower
4. You are super bored
5. When your teacher gives you a surprise quiz.
6. When you hear gossip about yourself.
7. You check your grades.
8. You think of an awesome blog post idea.
9. Listening to your favorite song/
10. When your idol follows you on social media.

October 12, 2014

Middle School Dairy: the Gandhi Mosaic

Long time no Middle School Diary post right? Right.

And I have heaps of updates to give to you all. Its crazy. But for this post, let's just talk about a project a few other people and I are doing. Its called.... "the Gandhi Mosaic". Well it doesn't really have a specific name but all of us calls it that because it IS a mosaic of Gandhi. 

Here is how the story unfolds, so my friend Erin tells me and 2 other people we're selected to work on a project. I immediately think of the M.L.K. mosaic (it was the one that was done the year before). Fast forward a week or two and we stay after to school actually get the thing started. We meet at the art room, but there are more people... Like 4 more! Ummm, I thought it was only us 5? I guess not. I kind of didn't want the other people to be there because I didn't know them (well, only the 2 or them) the other two were twins and they are so annoying! My friend Erin and Jo (my other friend) thought so too! And Nick (one of the twins) is so controlling! And did just that for the project. It was really hard working with him. 

I put my thoughts aside and the teachers sat us down and made us watch a video on mosaics. It was more of a slideshow showcasing past mosaics and blah blah blah. After that, we went to where we would work on the mosaic. It was in one of the hallways of our school in the 7th grade hall. There was also the M.L.K. mosaic I talked about previously. Out principle said we should make a hallway full of heroes and icons and call it the "Hall of Heroes" I thought it would be a great idea!

So the teacher told us what to do:
1. Break up the tiles with nippers/hammer
2. Apply some sort of cement paste on the back of the broken tiles with Popsicle sticks. DON'T PUT TOO MUCH!
3.  Try to fit the piece in a space.
4. Press firmly for 5 seconds.
5. Repeat the process

One the first day (we stayed after school), we worked on it for like 35 minutes and on the second day, we worked on it for like an hour and 25 minutes. We got a lot done. I had art on the second day so I got to miss art and work on the mosaic. Gosh *completely random* I keep wanting to call a mural! Its a mosaic, Cathy!

Here is what we got done:
PicMonkey Collage
Pardon the spelling error, I literally thought that was how you spell "Gandhi" before I learned the correct spelling!
Our art teacher was really impressed with the amount of work we got done in such a short period of time and he even said that it was a record time! Woo hoo! He also said that if we finished in like a few weeks (we totally can) we can even start on a second mosaic! He said we should do a girl because we already have two men. I was thinking we should do Joan of Arc or Rosa Parks. Or even Rosie the Riveter. We are mostly going to be doing Rosa Parks because she is the most well known and most identifiable of the bunch. 

I think I'm going to be staying after school a few more times because it is really fun and I even talked to some of my teachers I've had last year like my language arts teacher, who I miss. And I also talked to my science teacher this year. He is pretty cool and funny! A lot is going on in our class, which is for another MSD post. ;)

Note: The mosaic is actually really easy, I wanted to make one in my room (my parents would NEVER let me)

October 11, 2014

BuzzFeed says I attract werewolves

To get into the Halloween spirit (its coming up soon!!) I wanted to take a Halloween-y themed Buzzfeed quiz because Buzzfeed quizzes are the bomb dot com. I took the one that told you what monster you would attract. And if you want to take the same quiz I took, click here. Without further ado, let's see my results:

buzzfeedquiz 1
1. I had a difficult choice picking my snacking because I really don't know which I would eat. I would've just chosen some grapes if that was an option..
2. The second is really weird... Just me? LOL 
3. It was a tie between the camping date or the castle location.. Looking back, I think I would've picked the castle location because camping = not wifi and BUGS. Buuuut, roaming around in that filed of tulips would sound nice, too... doing it by myself.

buzzfeed part2
4. I have to be honest, I have NOOO idea what those Harry Potter spells do. I have never read Harry Potter and I only saw one movie, and it was the last one. Why? Because my cousin forced me to! So I just picked a random spell..
5. #TeamDog FOR LIFE
6. Cleverness always does the trick.. ;) At least I think, I don't flirt. :P
buzzfeed part 3
7. This one is actually a pretty hard one.. I was tied between the Snickers and Starbursts.. But it said Halloween candy Snickers is like one of the classic Halloween candies, right? Right. Starbursts aren't that Halloween-y.
8. I don't know, I kind of need ALL of my senses to live but the least important (at least in my opinion) is smell...

And my result is....... *drumroll*