September 20, 2014


So iOS8 got released and I tried to download it on my iPad.. but it didn't work. Reason? I DON'T KNOW. But on other news relating to Apple being dumb, my stupid Apple ID is locked! I have no idea why this is happening! In fact, this is the first time it has happened and I have so many new apps I want to download! Like this app where you can download musc for free (with wifi) and listen to it with NO wifi! How awesome does that sound?! And when my Spotify "lease" is over, I can use this app! But I don't know if I can because of this problem.
I tweeted about this and someone responded but I don't know if I want to actually call Apple because that would be such a hassle! So I went to trusty ol' google and they told me to reset my password. I did.


I was literally at the point of frustration where I wanted to slaughter everything in my wake. It was that serious. I was literally kicking and screaming. Thank god no one was home when that happened. But seriously, I really want this problem to be fixed! I even *tried* making a new Apple ID but that didn't work for some reason. :-/ And if that doesn't work, I will eventually call Apple myself. Uggghhhh.. Why does situations like this have to be so complicated!?

So I sent in a message to the Apple Customer saying that my Apple ID is locked and asked them for an explanation and a way to fix this problem. I still haven't gotten a response from them but I sent the message like 10 minutes ago. I just really hope this situation gets resolved so I can download my apps because in the process of trying to install iOS 8, I had to delete a couple of things to make room. And I can't redownload those things again well because, ............ OH YOU KNOW WHY!

And thankfully I didn't delete most of my apps that I use on the daily but I did delete BlogLovin and I really regret it because I read blogs using BlogLovin'.
Turned off the comments.. just because I felt like it. 

September 19, 2014

Middle School Diary: #VoteHatshepsut

Hatshepsut image by via
World cultures is getting fun, y'all!

It was always fun but it got even more interesting... My school has a student council. And in world cultures, we are picking a Egyptian Pharaoh (we only have 7 options: Akhenaten, Amenhotep III, Thutmose III, Hatshepsut, Ramses II, Cleopatra VII and Ahmose) and we are doing something similar to a student council voting thingy (wow great description, Cathy). We have to make a campaign supporting our Egyptian ruler of choice and present and persuade our classmates to vote for our ruler of choice. We picked Hatshepsut (obviously) and we get to act as if this was an actual campaign! We get to pick a partner (mine is with Johanna) and we get to hang posters up in the hallway (the "determined" poster I made is one of plenty I have made. There are plenty other characteristics I have made in that form like "intelligent", "strong", "independent", "powerful", etc.) We have all week to finish this project and if you think about it, that's not a lot of time!

But we also need a slogan for the campaign and symbol to represent Hatshepsut. I want a hieroglyphics as the symbol to stay true to her Egyptian culture but I don't know if that will actually work.. I have even Googled "How to win a school election"..

Yup, its getting pretty serious.

And Jo and I plan on printing our one big poster on a really big piece of paper to beat out all of the rest of the competition. Oh and, I think it would loo more professional I designed on the computer and printed on a poster. I know, I know, I go all out. And also, did I mention that if you win (get the most votes by classmates) you get a prize? And I need that prize!

The first day, I zoomed home and watched a bunch of documentaries on Hateshepsut AND the competition. So I can compare on why Hatshepsut is the best ruler, compared to the rest. I have gotten some information on Cleopatra that would help me. But the one big competition that is standing in our way is Ramses II. And I fear that is may be the best ruler out of all of them. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth when I say it. But It depends on who is picking Ramses II. I hope it isn't one of the smartest people in my class. Everyone on the internet agrees that he is the most successful.... Gosh dang it! Why did I have to pick Hatsheput?!

Its okay its okay. I can do this. I can do this. But I do have to say, Hatshepsut is one of the best rulers. There may be a good chance that I can win.... But as I watch Ramses II's documentary, my hope soon fades away....


September 17, 2014

Blog It Like It's Hot

I Heart Fall Collage
Just a random collage I made to show my excitement for fall!
No. Idea. What. To. Blog. About.


I guess the solution is to not blog right now because i don't need to post every day now. But I just have the urge to write about something.. or at least I'm running out of ideas to do as a method of procrastination from doing my homework.. But I really liked that phrase "Blog It Like It's Hot" by Whitney from I Wore Yoga Pants.. She also had a T-Shirt that said that.. It was pretty cool. But it isn't available for purchase anymore.
Moving on, I cannot stress how much I am looking forward to fall! I know I know, it seems like that is all I ca talk about these days but I really mean it. I can already see some changes in the leaves, only faintly. But, the weather has been getting chillier (yay!) and I can finally break out the jeans, leggings, boots, and sweaters. YES PUH-LEASE! I have already been wearing jeans. If you asked me a year ago if I would wear jeans, I would have said, HECK NAH BRUH. But for some reason, I hae been wearing them more often! One reason why I didn't like wearing jeans, wait. Scratch that. Why I STILL don't like wearing jeans is because they're hard to move around in. And when I have gym and have to change out of them, I look really strange bouncing and hopping around because it's hard to get them off. #TheStruggle #FirstWorldProblems That's why I immediately change into shorts the minute I get home!
And did I mention that one of the Youtubers I have been watching since she started is on Dancing with the Stars?? THAT'S RIGHT. BETHANY NOEL MOTA IS ON DANCING WITH THE STARS! She's dancing with Derek Hough. I have to be honest with you, It is a bit awkward to see her dancing.. I don't think she is going to win but I will vote support her but she does win, that's great! She danced to the Jive and she made it through the next round! And what is really cool is that Taylor Swift tweeted her and told her she loved the dance! Beth and Derek danced to her song so that's maybe why she noticed it...
And even fellow YouTubers came out to support Beth on results night. Troye Sivan, Ricky Dillon, and Connor Franta came out to watch the show! I honestly wait for the next show! And I can't wait for fall to come!

Here is what you've learned from this post: Cathy can't wait for a lot of things. and she doesn't like putting jeans on #TeamJeggingsForLife and she uses hashtags a lot

September 15, 2014

Middle School Diary: 7th grade so far....

Its been like 3 weeks into 7th grade and everything has been great. Made lots of new friends, getting use to my teachers, etc. But one thing I am not a fan of is homework and quizzes. We have literally had like *counts* like 4 quizzes! And its only been like 3 weeks of school. Ugggghhh. I have another today and next week we have a full blown test. In my worst subject, math. Every night, I have had at least one sheet of homework. There hasn't been a night were I didn't have homework. I remember in 6th grade where the first weeks were homework free. Ahhhh. Those were the days.

But let's get in detail, shall we?

Let's start with my first period of the day. Language arts. We are currently reading Fever 1793 and I have to be honest. I sort of enjoy it. Most people in my class think it's really stupid but I really like the plot. Okay, it is just people dying from the yellow fever but I really to see the "journey" in how it effected people. I know, I know, that sounds really dumb but I like what I like ya know? I just don't the class because it's sooooo early in the morning, 8-9 a.m! And it is scientifically proven that the brain doesn't fully work until 10 a.m. I found it on tumblr, so it had to be true! (not) So with that being said, I believe school should be postponed to 10 am.

Next subject, the dearly loved, math. HAHAHAHA NO. I hate math. :) And it is like the worst thing ever because it is early in the morning and I have math! I rather have it after lunch so I just had food and I am happy. And what is even worst is that my teacher goes way too fast in teaching her lessons. And she tries to be funny, I have when teachers do that. UGH. And she always gives out homework, but she is nice, though!

Science. I like this class. The teacher is new to the school so we help him out on stuff but he is pretty funny. He said he is working on being a body builder. But we all know that that isn't true. He gave out like 2 quizzes so far but they were so easy! Surprisingly though.. considering I'm in a GT class... Whatever, I'm not complaining.

Next is the special area classes. We have this thing called the A and B day schedule. You can google it, I don't you would understand if I explained it.. I'm terrible at it. Moving on, on A days, the 4/5 period I have is Health. I sort of like health. I didn't want the teacher because people said he was awkward but he is okay. We are making a book on First Aid and I am pretty proud of it. I worked with my friend Don'ya. On the B day schedule, period 4/5 I have gym. I had the same teacher as last year and at first, I didn't want her but now, I'm okay with it. In gym, I have a group of friends called "The Crew". It is made of my friends Kiersten, Sarah, Max and George. But now it is broken up. We have a "girl" crew and "boy" crew. Nothing dramatic. We are doing a tennis unit and I looking forward to it!

After period 4/5 we have lunch. And after lunch, I have Spanish! I actually really like Spanish too! In that class we have to pick a Spanish name for us to use all year long. We have to write it on papers, and respond to it when the teacher calls us.. also using that name. My name is Margarita. It means pearl, at least I think it does...

Next is World Cultures! I like the class and the people. And the teacher I have this year reminds me of my world cultures teacher last year! My last year WC teacher is one of my favorite teachers of all time! He was really cool. But my teacher this year is pretty great too! But he has this quiz today where we have to name 15 countries of Africa. He gave us 3 days to study... HOW? I don't know, I just hope I get an A... But one thing I kinda don't like about this class is that he calls on random students and I sometimes don't want to be called on. And there are the students which are his obvious favorites. Hate when teachers do that. And we even did this project when we had to create our own city. I partnered with my fellow blogger and best friend Johanna (check her out!) and our city is called Cahanna (Cathy and Johanna). We got an A+ for anyone who was wondering! And there was a little drama while forming a group because our friend Ellie was making a big deal because Jo said she could be in our group after I said that we were the only ones because it would make it less complicated. But everything got situated!
The last period of the day, period 10. On A days I have orchestra and we are re-learning or perfecting the C scale 2nd octave for the cello. I have a playing test on Wednesday and I haven't practiced because I haven't fixed my cello yet (one of the pegs snapped and I can't tune it). On B days, I have art. I really like art because we are doing this project where we write our name in cool lettering and adding a cool background. Apparently mine is really good in everyone's eyes (I have to agree) and they are (students AND TEACHERS) are praising my art, like really hard. And when every they compliment me, it's really awkward because I respond like "thank... you........?"  Ughhhh! Why do I have to so awkward!!!