April 19, 2014

A Famous Tumblr Girl

Maybe the title is a bit of an exaggeration but if you are a fan of tumblr, you probably know her. It's Acacia Brinley. And this is just what I think of her. Me. A single individual. Your thoughts may not be the same and you might love her but this is just my opinion. So no hate! 

If you want more background of who she is and how she got so famous, watch this video:


So, I don't really know where to start this but the first thing they mention in the video is her singing. I personally don't think she has what it takes to make it big. It's just my opinion. Her voice is very wavery and not stable. Don't call me a professional because I am not singing is just a for fun thing like in the shower. Even her Kitties, thats what she calls her fans, think she is a bad singer. I mean she isn't fully horrible but she even has her own band called WaterColor. When they performed live, man, I felt really bad for them because she was embarrassing herself. I know I am being harsh, but once again, these are my opinions and this is my blog.

Here is a video of her performing live: 

And next, can we just talk about her hair? She normally has long hair, but that's weave. She dies from blonde to brown to red to brown to blonde to red and I don't know what color she has now but it's a dark color. And she one time said to be a good role model, she won't wear much make up and will stop wearing weave, that didn't last long. And another thing, her personality. I personally think she is acting overly dumb.. Some people call it quirky but I call it annoying. If you look at one of her videos, you can see how fake she is. If you look back at her old videos, you see she is more mature. Hmm.. And also, I feel like she is trying to be this gamer girl when she really isn't It's just a theory so it probably isn't correct. And also, she is done with the tumblr girl phase and trying to be a youtuber now... 

And another thing that really annoys me about her is that if you look at her instagram, you never really see her smiling, she just has this lip pucker thing. And comparing to her videos, she acts like two completely different people! 

Hard to believe she's only 16...

And she is a genuinely smart person b she should stop acting like a freaking 7 year old.


April 18, 2014

Tumblr loving.

Haaayyyyy gurl haaayyy! (unless your a boy, then hi.)

Lately, I have been LOVING tumblring. Like freaking LOVING IT. Since I stopped following the grunge,  fashion, beauty "blogs"of tumblr, I have see why tumblr is so addicting. Like its not even funny. I FREAKING LOVE THIS SITE. And can we just take a second and talk about how tumblr isn't even actual blogging? That makes us REAL bloggers seem lazy. URGH. And I have been seeing things differently because so many twisted minded people ruin the way I see things. Oh! Oh! Oh! And I bit the bullet and switched my username to a tumblr like username! Eeep! It use to be "helllo-cathy" but now it is "betchwut". I was surprised that it wasn't taken already, but even when I was contemplating on the switch, I snatched it up anyway so I can for sure have the username. :D But no worries, I still have "helllo-cathy" as a url because it is just a page to tell people that I have moved. :) 

What made me REALLY want to switch to the "fandom" tumblring style rather then the fashion and beauty tumblring was that my cousin's friend and LOHANONTHY's tumblr. They have so much funny stuff that I stalked on it for a good bit. And so that is why I made the switch. And I have been loving tumblr 100000% better ever since I have made the switch. Wow. I sound I am doing a commercial. LOL. Along with the switch, I needed to find a new theme for my tumblr. I use to have a grid theme, but that isn't exactly the greatest theme for a fandom blog. You need a one, two, or three column theme with a sidebar and it shows the captions of your posts. Because if you are a user of tumblr, you know the captions of a tumblr posts are the best part of the actual post. Its just the truth. Finding the perfect theme was JUST THE BIGGEST STRUGGLE EVER. I scrolled through google under the search "one column tumblr theme with sidebar" I found a theme finding blog called "the theme directory" It helped me a bit because it showed me a bunch of different tumblr themes. But after TWO fricking days of trying to find a theme that includes:

- infinite scrolling, because I HATE pushing that "next" page button on a tumblr blog. Its just, no. [check]
- a sidebar pic WITHOUT those tacky links. [check]
- a reblog button [nope, don't have this. :( ]
- background option [check] 

if you want to check out my awesome tumblr, click here

And also, if you have been stalking my old posts, you know that ever year of blogging, I always take a unplanned break from blogging because I have been sucked into tumblr, one again. But this time, I will try not to let that happened because I am still trying to blog everyday. So hopefully it will still go on strong. 


April 17, 2014

Spring Nail Picks 2014

Hello people!

So today, I would bring out my inner beauty blogger and show you guys my favorite spring nail polishes this year! I have picked all bring colors because well, it IS spring time! And the neons are for summer. DUH! So without further ado, lets get started!

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri "Mint Sprint": I don't know if it is just my bottle of how I kept it, but this is sort of clumpy and bubbly -- and not in the good way; but over all, it is a great color for fair skin! 

Orly "Rage": OMG, I freaking LOVE this color. This is great for ALL skin tones and this just makes you look like a thousand bucks! And the formula is just great and smooth! 

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri "Lightning": I have gotten a lot of compliments on how this color looks great on me! And if you really like this color, you should purchase a bottle every few months because it does clump fast, I don't know if it is just this brand or..

Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear "Pacific Blue": Like Rage, this is a fantasic color for all skin tones and it has been raved by, by a bunch of beauty bloggers and youtubers. And yes, it does get a bit clumpy when you have had it too long.

O.P.I. "Mod About You": This is such a great color! It works with all skin tones and it is just a nice light pop of color to yo finger nails! 

DELIA*S "Coral Cascade": This is a creamsicle color that I got at Delia's. I only have worn it twice but I really like it! I recommend this to only people who have a light skin tone because it has a nice contrast.

Sally Hansen Insta Dri "Lickety Split Lime": This is a really pretty color and I recommend it to all skin tones! It reminds me of slime and it is just a great pretty lime green! 

Essie "Turquoise  and Caicos": This is just like a muted mint, personally, I don't get all the rave about this. I mean, its pretty but overrated. Its just nice for spring though!

Essie "Mod Square": This is just a really pretty color that is a cool toned pink that is a barbie pink. You still with me? k.

Funky Fingers "Taffy Town": I have a blog post on this bu I am pretty sure the pictures don't show up, but it is just a really pretty coral-ish color with gold-yellow shimmers in it!

Essie "Lilacism": I love this color, I am currently wearing it now too! Its just a beautiful color that is a light lavender/lilac color! Luvvv!

Essie "Watermelon": This is a really gorgeous raspberry color that is just amazing! Totally recommend it! <3

So I hope you like my nail picks for spring! I definitely am a big fan of bright pastel color on the nails because it is just awesome. Yes. That is the best word the explain it. And I have been painting my nails every week! woot, woot! 


April 16, 2014

A few drawing creations...

This isn't going to be the most entertaining post of sorts but lately, I have been loving drawing faces (and other stuff, of course). And those faces, I have shared with the twitter-o-sphere. And I thought, "Why the hell not post them on my blog?" And BAM. That is why I am here today. 

It all started when my brother got a pack of styluses on E-Bay and I used one. I drew some things and wrote somethings. It really made my life easier. Ahhh. Then I downloaded a drawing app on my mom's phone. Then I drew facial features. If you follow my twitter, you know I shared them with you, in spam formation of course! I drew an eye brow, lips, eyeball, nose, etc. Then I collage-d it all together and got this beauty:

I'm actually quite proud of the piece. I think I'll name her.... hmm. AH! Got it! I'll name her Cecelia! I really like her nose (even though it looks weird on the face), eyes, and lips, and eyebrow. So, I like everything on Cecelia's face. Next, I drew a more abtrast not-so-planned girl with blushing cheeks. I think she is cute.

I don't know why I keep on drawing girls. I think I have more fun with it because there are endless possibilities with their eyes, hairstyles, lipstick colors, makeup. You don't have it with boys! If I draw a boy, I will most likely draw it with a old Justin Bieber flippy hairstyle. 

Here are a few more:

I don't even remember why I drew them both sad/crying. The second one, I just first drew the lips and them the eyes. Hmmm... Seriously questioning why I drew them both so sad. :O