August 19, 2014

Middle School Diary: 7th Grade Schedule

That right there ^^ is my schedule for 7th grade.. It still really hasn't hit me that I'm going to be going into 7th grade in a few weeks. My mind still tricks me to believe that I'm a 5th grader. Oh and by the way, I wasnt planning on making a MSD entry while its still summer but I couldn't help it. I just wanted to talk about my schedule and anything I wanted to change. I dont know if any of you would actually be interested in reading that but I want to write about it so that is what we are going to do.

So my first period is language arts... That use to be my first period too in 6th grade before I moved classes so I guess I'm fine with that.. I know a lot of people who are in my homeroom, and my two best friends are in my homeroom so I am looking forward to that! And if you were a bit confused, your first period teacher is your homeroom teacher. Also, at my school, there is this competition call the Vocab Smackdown where you study word definitions and students get picked by other students in the same class to be a member of a team. And that team will represent that homeroom and "play" at the vocab smackdown! I have written about this many times bofre so if you want to read more about it, search "vocab Smackdown" on the blog! :) Hopefully we win but i'll get ya guys updated.

Second class of the day, the dreaded.... Math. *cringes for 67 years* Does anyone else hate math? I freaking hate hate hate math! I just don't get it, why are formulas so hard to memorize. ~insert 100 crying emojis~ I envy all those who are gifted in math and get it. And better yet, I have it second class in the morning. Great, just grrrrrrrreat. I feel like the Frosted Flakes tiger.
Next up, Science! GT Science is one of the harder classes I have; standard is super easy. The teacher I had the previous year was a tough grader, I got a B in her class and that was the first time I got a B in science that year. :( B is still a good grade though! But the teacher I have this year is a new teacher so I don't really know what to expect.. Hopefully he is a easy grader! :D

Health/Physical Education... I don't want my health nor Gym teacher.. Ugh! I wanted another health teacher and I don't really love my gym teacher. My other health teacher has cancer and I want her. She was the coolest! Okay maybe no but she was still really cool. Really sad that I didn't get her. And plus, my health teacher, everyone says is really awkward in his teachings. :(

Skipping over lunch...

This year is the first year of Spanish.. I don't really like my teacher, he makes me uncomfortable.. I don't know if it is the fact that he knows that my parents don't speak english or he just looks like a pitbull... Probably the first one. And I had him the year before and he literally BORES ME TO DEATH. He has the most monotone voice ever. He doesn't express much emotion and I could fall asleep. Also, Spanish is going to be super embarrassing with speaking Spanish and all. I'm going to sound so stupid. Oh, Dios mío .. yo no estoy mirando adelante a este. That means "Oh my god.. I'm not looking forward to this." in Spanish. Thank you Google Translate! :D

World Cultures, I iffy about this class because I miss my World Cultures teacher from the year before. He was literally THE coolest. I don't know if my teacher this year will live up to that. I'll just have low standards. But I don't want those new annoying 6th graders coming in (I know I know, I'm so hyprocrital. I was a sixth grader last year. But they are honestly' trying too hard to be cool. It makes me cringe SO hard.)

I'm going to skip over strings because I have nothing to say.. But art, I'm excited for art. A lot of my friends are in art I feel like this is going to be one of my favorites classes because the people in that class are extremely fun to hang out with. But I feel like if I have high expectations, they wont be reached... :/


August 18, 2014

Lyrical Edits Craze!

Notice anything new? I was getting so tired of the old design, I thought I would switch it up! It's a bit more simple and minimalist than I am use to be I hope I will adjust to it or I'll glam it up in a way I hope.. The banner is just the one that is bothering me because it's too simple.

 So, I have been editing a lot! Not like fancy fancy edits its just like fun lyrical edits with people in them. I got inspired to do them when I saw a cover in the style of the edits I made on WattPad. I am pretty excited about how they all turned out. The first one I made was a bit rough but I still really liked how it came out, I got better as I got more use to the style I was editing. I got so carried away that I made like 5 more.. Oops. It may look really hard (or not) but it's really easy but time consuming, depending on the person editing. I didn't use any fancy computer software. Just apps I got from the App Store. But if you have been following my twitter, you can see my edits. But I'mma so you it right here so you don't have to go any where. ;)

Presenting to you, the Ariana Grande BREAK FREE edit (a.k.a. the first edit I ever made in that style!) And I am aware that I may or may not have messed up on a word. The "where" is a "when" in the song but I don't think it matters all that big. This is one of my favorites.

Second one, this may be my favorite.... And this is Demi Lovato Heart Attack. I can't put my finger on the exact reason why I like it so much. It might be the font pairing, the color scheme, or the layout of the lyrics... I just don't know. 
And I think I should stop rambling about each edit and just show you the rest. Good plan? Okay. Let's see the rest:
Katy Perry and her song "Birthday"
Demi Lovato and her song "Unbroken" 
Selena Gomez and her song "Hit The Lights"
(Queen) Beyonce and her "Pretty Hurts"
I think I wi;; make some more of these types of edits... These were really really fun to make! :) I already have some ideas... And if you would like to see them, just go on over to my twitter! And tell me (if you want), which one is your favorite? TEEHEE, sorry I have been watching too many nigahiga videos.  


August 17, 2014

Greetings, Earthlings

I haven't posted in 1, 2, 3... 7 days! A WEEK. WOW.

I honestly don't know what came over me to not posting for an entire week. I know when I see people not posting for a week, its not that big of a deal. I dont know if you guys noticed that I haven't posted or anything but that isn't the point, I have been thinking about blogging and  posting daily (i.e. everyday) and I even had the thought that I should stop posting everyday. Because my posts would be more.... How do I put this into word? Maybe my posts would be more present? In my posts I talk about something that has already gone by in my life because I write my posts before hand. So that event or something I am doing has already past. That won't do me anything when I look back on my posts and get confused on what happened on which day or what I am thinking. That just bothers me and annoys me. Buuuut, I decided that I would stick with it because I enjoy putting up stuff everyday to see something new.  This is just like a little short post (I hate short posts) telling you a little bit of what has been on my mind lately. Have you noticed that my past posts have been update posts? Uggghhh! I hate that. :( I have been thinking about writing stories on WattPad because I have been getting ton of inspiration for stories! I use to have a story blog but I took it down because I thought it was stupid, but I think I will try writing stories on WattPad. Anyway, here are some pictures that I like or relate to i found on twitter, just because. :)
That's all from me today... I'll see you peeps tomorrow, maybe. (P.S. I am in utter disbelief that school starts in a couple of weeks. Holy sh*t. I have been watching copious amounts of school supplies haul and what's in my backpack videos.. Its that time of the year again. I'm excited for it but I'm also dreading it. You feel?)


August 10, 2014

I Have No Idea

... how to started off this post. I honestly am at a dead end on what to write about and it is pretty sad.

Now can we just talk about my post about the typical teen's blog? I turned off the comments on it because I didn't want to get any back lash or what ever. Now I respect all bloggers and what they write about but that was just something that was on my mind for a good 3 weeks. So being an unfiltered person, I blogged about it. And I felt like some people thought it was about them. I wont comment on that what so ever because that is what may assume.

Now that I got that out of the way, I would like to give a massive shoutout to the people who make gifs. Like literally, I could not have done it without any of those people. But sometimes, I just wish I could make gifs myself to convey my feelings on a certain subject when there are one to help me. There is honestly so much tv scenes and celebrity reactions I can use. Seems like there are an infinite amount of gifs to explain your reaction but nope, nope, nope.
Aaaaaaand, today is the TCA's (Teen Choice Awards) and I am not going to be home at the time it airs which I am really sad about but I really hope at least in some way I am going to be able to watch it, like through a web broadcast (thank you mobile devices for letting me stream live broadcasts). Also, I have been watching SO many Beyonce performances but some of my favorites are:
I dont know if it is just me but I just LOVE hearing celebrities talking good about her. Its just like "Eff yeah! Thats the queen right there. BOW DOWN TO HER. SHE SLAYS AND IS AMAZING"